I suppose the first question is why women’s privates?  What many don’t know is that women tend to tell secrets in the bathroom.  If it is private to most of their friends, it isn’t to strangers.  I know I am not the only one who has encountered some odd duck in the bathroom and walked out going, okay I didn’t need to know that but I’m glad she got that off of her chest.  Many won’t admit that something so ridiculous happened but I find it to be quite humorous, so why not tell the world?  This is not meant to be a ridiculing site to make fun of those who share too much information in nonsense public places…or maybe it is.  But in all respect, this is simply a place for people to get their laugh in for the day.  Feel free to comment and share your stories or even give me story ideas.  It’s not like I like to make frequent trips to public bathrooms…but then again, it is mildly entertaining.


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