And this is why teens should not have sexual relations

To be honest, sex was kind of a taboo topic when I was younger.  Now a days it seems to be a regular part of introducing yourself.  I understand this is kind of a heavy topic to start out with but in all honesty, where in the world do some kids get off thinking it is okay to let ‘er ride? Maybe I’m just old school but one doesn’t waste that on just anyone…that’s what college is for.  I mean if one can’t even say the word “condom” then they probably shouldn’t be doing anything that involves the plastic, balloon like disgustingness anyway.  Either way, I digress.

What originally brought this up were three young girls in a Walmart bathroom.  My mom and I were trying to get in and get out because, well, you can only be in there for so long before you have the urge to shower again just get the smell and germs off of you (Not to say that all Walmart bathrooms are disgusting.  They have done a rather nice job of remodeling).  Anyway, one of the girls dressed in her glittery jewelry and pink purse to match yelled from the stall, referencing to Virginia, “does it have two holes or three?”  First of all, how dare she insult Virginia like that.  It is just rude to neglect her presence enough to not know how many entries she has.  And second, the first thing that popped into my head was, “they really didn’t teach you that in school?”  Of course, my mom chimes in and informs the girl of the correct information.  Her two friends stood there embarrassed but in the same time with that awkward half smile and giggle that says, “please answer because I don’t know either.”

Here I am thinking, a person’s “first time” would probably go over much better if he knew AND she knew where to find Virginia.  She’s pretty good at hiding.  This is probably good because she is highly inappropriate and you can’t bring her exposed in public just anywhere.  It is frowned upon by many people.  I’m pretty sure the law doesn’t allow her presence in many places.  But that’s beside the point.  To get back on track, knowing where to find Virginia and how she works as a being is essential to knowing how she is going to act. I hope that poor girl learned a little lesson that day.  And I hope Virginia wasn’t left feeling too ashamed.


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